Ian Richardson

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Areas of Expertise 

Welding + Materials


Welding Processes


Welding process development, control, monitoring, and optimisation are critical to the efficient and cost effective application of welding technologies. 

Additive Manufacturing


The deposition of materials to form (near) net shapes requires a deep understanding of the processes and materials involved in order to control shape and properties. 

Materials Science


The properties of materials depend on their composition and thermal-mechanical history. Microstructures and properties can be affected by processing.  



Tailored presentations to extended courses are available, covering: processes, materials, stress and distortion, control, monitoring, measurement, automation etc.

 Ian Richardson



  • Arc, laser and solid state welding processes
  • Influence of welding on materials
  • Control and monitoring of welding process
  • Residual stress and distortion mitigation
  • Underwater welding
  • Specialist equipment design



  • Welding for (non-welding) engineers 
  • Welding for welding engineers
  • Tailored short courses welding / materials