Ian Richardson

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Extensive experience covering

  • additive manufacturing

  • arc, laser and solid-state welding process behaviour

  • arc and laser welding process development

  • specialist welding equipment design 

  • welding process control and automation 

  • underwater welding 

  • prediction and control of weld induced

          +  microstructures

          +  fluid flows

          +  energy transport

          +  residual stresses

          +  distortion and distortion mitigation,



My drive to understand why things work as well as how they work, led me to study theoretical physics at bachelors level, followed by a solid state physics at masters level. My welding career began in 1982 with a short-term appointment as a research assistant at Cranfield University (UK) to study (welding) plasma properties. The breadth and depth of the welding field, coupled with close collaboration with industry, led to further industrially sponsored research projects in areas ranging from equipment design to welding process development. Success also led to a permanent appointment and subsequent promotions. The application of welding in difficult or hostile environments and to materials traditionally regarded as difficult to weld (such as high strength steels, titanium alloys, nickel base alloys etc.) formed the focus of my industrial collaborations. I left Cranfield in 2001 as a senior lecturer to take up the role of full professor of Joining Technology at Delft University (NL), steering my research further toward understanding and predicting the influence of welding on the structure, properties and behaviour of materials. Due to the many similarities between welding and additive manufacturing, my research expanded to encompass 3D printing of materials.


In addition to my research and teaching activities, in 2012 I took on the role of head the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Delft University, restructuring the governance of the department to promote a stable and cooperative working environment.


In 2019 I left the university to pursue a number of personal projects and to actively apply my knowledge and expertise for the benefit of industry and society. 




Ph.D., M.Sc, B.Sc, C. Eng, C.Phys, Sen. M. Weld. I.

More than 35 years in the welding field. Over 250 articles published in scientific journals and international conference proceedings, as well as numerous reports for industrial clients. Advice offered on welding and related materials and processing challenges in a wide range of industrial sectors, including oil and gas, energy, offshore, shipbuilding, automotive and aerospace.